DIY Craft #2 : Cloth Bag

After my fave $2 Cotton on white canvas bag finally breathed its last breathe and snapped, I’ve been wanting to get a canvas one. But everything is so expensive here and I am not gonna splash $20 for one.

Fast forward, I eye a lovely pillow case thrown into the far ends of the closet and I thought, “Why not put it to use, such a beautiful piece of art should not be seen by my clothes, in darkness, in the closet”

Put together my desire for a canvas bag and a need to put good pretty cloth on display for the world to see. Zap zap, a pillow case bag of course!Extremely easy and made within an hour, anyone can do this (anyone with a sewing machine maybe, however if you are awesome at hand stitching and sewing, no one is stopping you too!)

Let’s get down to it!

Equipments and Materials needed:

1) Sewing Machine

2) Any pillow case you like

3) Cloth ( Cloth cut to the size of the pillow case, I used a nice cloth so my bag could be reversible if I wanted it to be)

4) Scissors

5) Any accessories you want! Dress it up! Let your creativity go crazyyy



Bag Strap

1) Cut, horizontally, the top of the pillow case to sew it into straps for the bag. You can use other straps if desired.

2) Sew the straps together and turn it inside out (takes patience and a chopstick)


3) Sew the cut off part of the pillow case down so it has a nice helm

4) Position the straps and sew them on the pillow case

5) When all straps are sewn in place, using the other cloth, sew it along the edges of the bag. (so bag has an inner lining)

6) Say Hello to your new bag!




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