Watching a few cartel movies made me reminisce my travel days in Latin America, I knew so little of the history back then, even now and wished I knew more while I was there. I was really just a tourist, scratching the surface, seeing that life for locals was hard but leaving it at that, nothing more. Maybe ignorance of deeper issues etc that many movies depict was better, so there would be less fear in me.

Oaxaca, a lovely little town easily navigated on foot, was the 2nd last stop in Mexico before I went on to Guatemala and I did this solo after some research.

Taking the overnight bus from Leon to Oaxaca, the journey was about 7 to 8 hours, but enough to give me some serious motion sickness despite sitting right behind the driver. I wonder if it was something I ate, maybe them acidic oranges.

Anyhoos, I rocked up to the hostel at dawn, remember seeing a local gym already opened at 6am.

I remember the two days were spent exploring the city market, eating coco de dulce? (I forget-sweet coconut candy), walking the cobbled streets, drinking Tejeta (Drink of God they say) in a market, taking a sketchy chicken bus to visit the Arbol de Tule (The 2000 years old tree) and chancing upon a wedding going on while I was there, managed to get back to Oaxaca safely, took a blue motion sickness pill I bought in Mexico for the first time and didn’t know it was going to put me in a deep slumber which left me wondering why I was so tired while I was waiting for my bus down to Tapachula and forcing myself to stay awake so I wouldn’t miss my bus (Little did i know this blue pill is  a life saver for those 30 hours bus rides to come)

Good times, some pictures to remember the moments by, hope you enjoy them.


Little art show in the city.


The streets were cobbled, houses in orange and yellows


Bought my first Tejate drink from this old granny in the market. Known to be the drink of the gods, it’s made of toasted corn, cocoa, cinnamon and a few other things. Was refreshing way to end my day.


Took a chicken bus to visit the Arbol de Tule. They’ve got all these drinks on the side and the Tuna one made me laugh. Fishy drink me thinks, it’s actually catcus drink.

Arbol de Tule

Bye Tree, Bye Oaxaca.

Took my overnight bus to Tapachula and slept like a baby with no motion sickness.


Last city in Mexico, Tapachula 🙂

I remember arriving here at dawn, groggy from the blue pill.

I remember the morning greeted me with pink soft clouds and silence of the dawn, it was precious and I remember I smiled in my heart at that sight.

I remember walking around the city to get money for the trip ahead, seeing pollo fritas (fried chicken) which I really wanted to eat but decided to stay healthy, sitting by a city plaza while having a meal while people watching.

A month in Mexico was really awesome, in retrospect I wished I knew more of the history, more willing to just go with the flow. I think I was going through some personal stuff and was just unable to get out of the funk. Whatever it was. I feel bad thinking about it always but I guess I can only try to make it better now / in future.

Seeing these pictures and walking through them in my memory made me smile, hopefully I get to re-visit this continent some fine day.


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