Paper Flower, Spider Lily


I felt like I wanted flowers at 10pm. To decorate the apartment.
But I wanted flowers that could last.
I love the fresh ones of course, but they just end up as pressed flowers on my wall or in the bin after a week or so.
So I made some spider lilies.


Get some paper, tape, scissors and some green wires if you can find them.

Cut little strips (but not all the way to the end)


Roll them up, tape the end.
If you had the green wires, you could stick them on to resemble a real flower stalk.
But I wasn’t going to find green wires in my house at 10pm, so I just rolled paper as the stalk.
Plus I was going to cover my bottles so the ugly stalks will be hidden.
You could use chopsticks as well if you have those disposable ones lying around.
Whatever works I guess.


Tada, pop the flowers in your bottles and bob’s your uncle (A new slang I learnt today. I guess it applies here..)
I used glass bottles. I had a few lying around.


Loving them. If you had nice paper, go ahead to use them.
I find plain ones (without text or patterns) look much nicer.

Have fun !


Book 3 of the year down.
This year, I will try read a book each month.
I used to have time to read books and watch movies – and munch on them..These days I just watch or read without taking time to think about it..
Too many distractions!


Kids – We all used to be friends.
Now we watch each other, with wary and caution.

It’s a bit sad but asi es la vida.


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