Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice Stall

Another Old School Find in Katong/Joo Chiat Area, introducing Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice Stall that I’ve frequented when I was a child till now.

Located at the basement of one of the few remaining old school shopping malls left in Singapore- Katong Mall (865 Mountbatten Road, #B1-85/87 Katong Shopping Centre), you probably would ever visit this place just for food, or the cheap product finds such as shampoos, soaps etc, or if you are after one of the ubiquitous maid agencies here or gaming outlets.

I am in love with this stall because no other chicken rice stalls in Singapore would offer Acar (aka pickled salad) that comes with real chunks of pineapples that is so refreshing and complements the chicken rice so well. Did I mention it is also unlimited refill? This stall knows the heart of Singaporeans so well.  I always say I would come back just for this, and I do. This acar, for me, is the highlight. Who can say no to a plate of cold, sweet, sourish, slightly spicy mix of pineapple, cucumbers, chilli and other colorful goodness!

The soup that comes along is not the tasteless, flavorless soup ( or should I say salt flavored water?) that many mediocre chicken rice stalls would offer because it’s free. You can actually taste the depth of the soup, if that makes sense, boiled with effort, cabbage, bones, pepper. And you do not get the same soup each day, it changes daily and all of the one I’ve tasted are very much alike to grandmama’s soup.

The Chicken is tender, meaty and plenty. Contrary to its name, you have to request for it to be boneless to actually have it boneless! Topped with fried crunchy onions, it is just delish. Oomp. For 4-5 SGD ( This is confusing again because on various occasions, I’ve been charged $4, $4.50 or $5, depending on times of day as well as person collecting, someone enlighten me please?) , you get a plate of chicken, rice, well stewed soup and oh-so-good pineapple acar, this is too good a value, can this be true in this day and age? Let’s hope the price will stay in that range, as well as the quality. Most importantly, may they never stop making that darn good plate of Pineapple Acar.


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