Han’s Cafe

I think I have found a secret, and I think I have to thank my part Hainan-ese heritage/Blood.  As some of us would know, in the past when our forefathers from China decided to rough it out in a ship/boat with a million many others to make it to this tiny island rumored to have streets laced with gold, when they arrived, the different dialect groups broke out into areas/fields they were good at, for some that is after they have recovered from shock that streets were made of black dirty stones, and they stink with human faces and what-nots in the olden days, when sanitary was not top concern of the government, if there was any back then.

The Hakkas ( Another part of my Heritage) were good at sewing (Is that why I seem to have a knack for sewing, taking apart my clothes to make it the way I like, and it comes naturally me, are talents genetically passed down?) and then, there were the Hainanese who were cooks and made the most amazing food ( Mentally points to my grandfather and grandmother, whose food my taste buds had the chance to delight themselves on, sending neurons to my brain and leaving a deep remembrance of pure fantastic food etched in my memory forever). Point is, the Hainanese people know their food, and this place I’ve found has its roots traced back to the Hainan Island, and when my part Hainanese Blood got introduced to the offerings, it immediately latched on, like a hungry dog with a piece of juicy meat hanging from its mouth.

Long story short, I have found a cup of Teh-C ( aka as Singapore’s local milk tea) that is better than Yakun or Toast Box. Might I say one of the best in this category of serving local Teh C in a more upscale setting?

Introducing Han’s cafe. To make a cup of good Teh-C requires a lot, the pulled-ness of the tea, the body, the flavor, the milk content, the heat level et cetera all need to gel together to make that final perfect cuppa, and some of the better ones I’ve had were at Cameron Highlands BOH Tea Plantation, Hongkong which is famed for it “stockings” Milk tea and of course, my Grandmama’s milk tea  ( My mum has yet to perfect this, but fortunately for me, my aunt has, and we get this yearly treat during Christmas or CNY when we visit her house )

I remembered my family commenting how good Han’s Teh C was when I was much younger and finally, after having enough of mediocre Teh C, I decided to try it with my mum when she had a week off work. Upon sipping it, case close. This is by far one of the better ones in Singapore! Yakun, Toast Box, you guys got nothing on this. This cuppa from Han’s is full bodied, just enough milk and pulled-ness, and mainly, it reminds me of my grandmother’s milk tea.

Need an afternoon pick me up, but not willing to spend too much, this milk tea will not fail to delight your taste buds, stomach and the pocket. At SGD 1.40 and a decent size ( larger than Yakun and Toast Box once again ), this is such a great value for its taste. Interestingly, it does not draw as much crowd as Yakun or Toast Box draws, and I believe it might be the setting or ambiance that its competitors have- the old school coffee shop decorations with old school coffee shop cutlery, sans the heat and in an Air-conditioned place. Han’s has a more modern take with all the modern amenities, not a bad thing. Or maybe Han’s just have a much bigger space for more chairs/tables while the others capitalize on a small cosy setting to make it seem more busy and filled.

If you’re after the taste and not the setting, then head down to try it! Because You do not want to be missing out on some good ole Hainanese Tea, and because you do not need to line up, or wait around, or put some tissue or your umbrella to “mark” your seats ( And this habit of us Singaporeans is truly, uniquely Singaporean. I mean, which country has this culture of reserving seats by putting Tissue packs on the table or chairs. One day, I will take one, sit down, use it or keep it and smile at its owner when he returns and say “What tissue? ” I would then slowly put my hands to my chin and observe his facial expressions and reactions that will follow, like a child with his candy taken away I imagine )



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