Mexico, Part 2

Spent 2011’s Boxing day with awesome amigos in Saint Luis Potosi and its quaint little ghost town ; History lesson and soaked up the old Spanish town feel in historical Guanajuanto ; Arts stuffed in Guadalajara ; New Years in Puerto Vallarta; Felt like i was in france in mexico city DF, with D.F was freezing cold unlike the other cities.

Not the best quality, all taken with my old school mobile. But good enough  to prevent foggy fuzzy future memories  🙂

Mexico DF

Just a short one hour ride away from Toluca, we spent a few days in DF, capital of Mexico.
It was really quite cold when we got there, in fact, we experienced one of coldest winter days that year.


City square – Panorama fail.
Christmas decorations all up 🙂
In some certain parts of the city, I felt like I was in France, they had all these European architecture


Gloomy cloudy day.
I remember going to a park in the city centre, remember they had this angel statue in the middle of the city too, where we stayed.
I recall having Pancita with Mariachi band playing behind – believe we were in the area where all Mariachi bands gathered.



Teotihuacan was built as a new religious place and then became the living area for the New World, as they call it.
They had family quarters and worship places all in one place


Sun Pyramid, a lot bigger in reality


Tried my best to capture the grandeur of this place – still a fail.
I recall imagining how people lived in these ancient times. How priests and kings would climb up all the stairs to offer up their gifts to Gods they believed in.



Masks of Mayan Gods

St Luis Potosi


Went to Alejandro’s house after Christmas and we had a side trip to St Luis Potosi, aka Ghost Town

A previous mining town but now abandoned. It was really pretty, peaceful and paved with cobbled streets.


Elotte street vendor on the left. (Corn in a cup)
Here it was only 10 pesos per cup and tasted delish! (less than 1 USD)


Hanging out with Ale’s cousins. They were all so lovely!
Thank you guys for making it sooooo enjoyable!
And for the mini dance lessons too:)


I loved how they clothed this tree in beautiful colours, and hanged dream catchers on them 🙂


An abandoned hospital. And i guess that would be how you will look like (skeleton on the right) after leaving it. Good advertisement huh.



Guanajuanto – A UNESCO site and the place where the fight for independence started.
This place is pretty cool, cars drive at the bottom of the city through the tunnels and city life happens on the top.

I recall taking the bus here from San Luis Potosi where we stayed with Alejandro and his family.
I recall having so much fun laughing, joking around and doing silly poses with them both, in this quaint student friendly city.


Colours of Mexico394564_10150456918602470_1191974963_n


I love the colours


Downtown Guanajuanto – Main yellow building’s the city’s church.


The rest of the crew joined for the day.
I recall really enjoying all of their company and put a group of Mexican ladies together, everything became hilarious.

Also, I loved Patty’s company – She was so genuine and kind, so was everyone else  to me, but I felt a special connection with her 🙂
I still stalk her on facebook sometimes, her kids have all grown up especially Jorge Junior, quite a looker now 🙂 He was so small when I met him.
These days, its a bit nostalgic seeing how fast kids grow. I wonder if my parents feel that way too.

I look at little Kayla and each time she has either grown taller, hair’s thicker or has said some new words. So nostalgic just thinking of the times she was a tiny new born, butt shovelling at around 6 months and then trying her best to stand at 10 months. Now she’s just running around 🙂


I miss them boys! Really hope to see these muchachos someday.


The main catholic church.
They were playing “get on the floor” by J.LO. in this church. Hilarious.



Street of the kiss.
Legend goes that the two buildings were so close to each other, a guy from one building fell in love with a girl from another building and because they weren’t allowed to meet outside, they kissed over the ledge. Hence the name, calle de beso.


Hmm well, quite an effort to kiss, you got to lean quite far over the ledge. Anything for love I say.


Originated from Guanajuanto!

Loved the cocoflakes on the right, too delicious.

Just a week ago, I finally made them.
It’s so easy, just coconut flakes and condensed milk, mix them up and pop them in the oven for 10 minutes. I wonder why I took so long to recreate them.



Recall staying with Franco where we had mexican dinner with his family and he generously opened his house. He also kindly brought the crew around his hood.


We took three photos and each one was the same pose. Come on guys. Haha


Municipal of Guadalajara

Guadalajara had this church full of paintings and drawings by this famous painter about the liberation and independence of Mexico!405937_10150456944707470_1969430217_n


The liberator


Really liked Chichipaz, a lovely lake town


The largest Lake in Mexico




Spent New years in Puerto Vallarta. Was such good weather! perfecto!


I recall waking up early on the last morning of 2011.
Wanted to spend some time alone and reflect.
Strolled down the street and sat staring out at the great endless ocean..
2011 was full of travels to SEA and now Latin America, lots of new things experienced and lessons learnt.

Can’t believe this was 5 years ago.395960_10150456947397470_1865955862_n

Spent the night partying away

That night, the fireworks on this beach were sooo close to us, too close i must say.
Some of the remnants from the fireworks hit us.
I got hit on my eyebrow, Rachad on his nose and shirt. Quite dangerous in retrospect.
On a positive note, it was extramadamente majestic being so close to the colours in the night sky.

I recall on the drive back to Toluca, about 8 hours away, and half way through at night -We ran out of gas.
Had to get someone on a bike to source some gas for us in a bottle and topped up our tank!


Was a great round trip around Mexico for a month 🙂 Such diversity of scenery and history in different cities, hopefully I get to re-visit again some day.


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