DIY Tote Bag – Don’t throw out your own clothes!

DIY Tote Bag - Don't throw out your own clothes!

Things you need
1. Textured skirt (I used one that was a size too small. Sigh, hips don’t lie)
2. Embellishment (The one I used here – yellow with jewels- was from a dress’s shoulder pads. Again, the dress was a size too small.)
3. Simple tote bag (I used supre’s tote – the one they give you to put your clothes in whenever you buy something. Awesome! / or if you are not as lazy, you can get some bag straps and sew it on)

1. Skirt over bag. Secure by sewing
2. Embellishments on wherever you think fits
3. Viola, strap on and you are ready to go!

So simple, and them pretty clothes found a new home other than the bin, win!


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