Once upon a milkshake

I’m not quite a milkshake fan, pardon me, those lovers of that thick, creamy beverage and those with the strange habitual ritual of dunking your fries in them. For me, milk is milk and should be untainted with anything else, with the occasional acceptable of some flavoring like chocolate! Come on, how do you say no to chocolate milk eh? Milk should slide down your throat easily and no exertion of some suction force within the mouth should exist, perfect for your oreo dunk. Mixing that with sweet ice cream and even salty fries- the combination is very strange to me but probably it means perfection in thy eyes just like peanut butter and nutella to me. At this point, I think I should not be writing anything about food, with the obvious fact that I’m quite a dictator about my food, but my 2013 resolution (yes resolution) is to write, and write about anything and everything, so take all my food posting with a huge dose of salt.

Ignoring what I wrote above, I chanced upon Once upon a milkshake. The name itself slightly lifted my eye brows positively and with my mouth pouted in curiosity, nothing else in the vicinity that I know off to satisfy some sweet cravings, prices reasonable, oh why not? Everything once, just because I need to be true to my motto. And I mean, with that name emphasizing on milkshake, it should be of a much higher quality than those ubiquitous Burger King milkshake that scarred me.

True enough, the mini hazelnut latte milkshake (2.90 SGD) was smooth, creamy and sweet. Perfect to end the extremely salty tonkatsu meal we had before, along with a piece of velvet cake that came along with a big blob of housemade oreo icecream ( 6 SGD ). Ice cream along with a warmed up cake, who can resist this perfect combination, people, this is where ice cream should be. Either with some hot pastry/sweets or mixed with cookies, M&Ms and all the crunchy things to be downed by the spoonful !

Velvet cake lovers might argue this isn’t the one of the better ones around as when they heated up (Microwaved, I suspect) the cake, the cream cheese melted into some yellow liquid that got combined with the ice cream which I would liked better if they gave more oreo chunks embedded into the ice cream, not sprinkled on top of the ice cream  (and we all love to have spoonfuls of softened , not melted, cream cheese in our mouths,and to be surprised by more chunks of cookie goodness when we tear our ice cream apart, don’t we? It’s like opening a present only to find there’s nothing in it. )

But all in all, nice atmosphere, milkshake lovers’ paradise (an array of milkshake, I’ll probably try the peanut butter one next time or the house favorite, strawberry ), and to be fair, I do like the gooey goodness of the cake, cheese, ice cream. I don’t quite care about presentation and appearances, but like my cakes moist and full on ( Chiffon, airy cakes are out of my dictionary  ). So gooey mess, bring it on. Or Bomb it on me. As mentioned before, I’m a very picky eater ( also evident in me only eating the sides of the bread, and only cakes and muffin tops ), and because taste is very subjective, definitely give this a shot if you’re in its vicinity.


And What’s your promise for 2013? Ask for yours today!



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