DIY Washing Machine Prop

A sister of mine met her fiance over some funny washing machine incident and hence, a washing machine prop for the wedding is in order. It is really quite simple to get this knocked out, so go crazy with your creativity.


Materials Needed

Cardbox of your desired size

White paper (or colored if you like)

Paints and Brushes

Tape (to secure and strengthen the box)

Black marker


1) Tape and secure your box to ensure it will not give way half way through or after your project


2) Cover and paste the box with white large paper  (I chose white so I can paint and draw on it)

Tip: Cover the top part first so you can cover the ends by using the remaining white paper to cover the sides


3)Choose a nice picture that you like to draw from. I liked this one sooo its gonna be my “model”SAMSUNG

4)Draw out the basic outline with a pencil first so you can erase any mistakes.

Layer on with the marker of black paint if you like. Marker was easier to control for me.


5) My dad was laughing when he saw the black and white above. Which I wanted to just leave it as black and white. He said it reminded him of the Chinese traditional where they burn similar stuff like these to the dead. Bride agrees colors would make it pop. Which are all true! Layer on the colors you like, its so much more fun!

2013-08-19 17.41.12-1

6) And there you go, the finished product!
Total time taken : About a day.

Now go knock your own DIY washing machine, castle, houses out!



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