El Salvador


Photo log to capture my stay in the third stop in Central America – El Salvador.
Lest I forget what I felt then, what I saw. Rewriting the times back then takes me slowly back to memory lane, bits piecing themselves together.

We bussed right to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador and explored the city, suchitoto town and El Diablo here.

I remember really liking this city and the homestay we had. The weather was warm the way I liked, the room had air conditioning, was spacious and there was even breakfast waiting for us in the morning.

I remember visiting a musuem which had history about the natives, walking around the city centre, visiting a supermarket to get my usual sardine dinner and strolling back to the homestay ending off a lovely evening.
I think supermarket was the most visited “place” in each city/country – always visiting it to get food.


Made a trip out to this cute little town called Suchitoto. How adorable, it reminded me a  Japanese town.
It took us about 2 hours to get out here on bus to this little town and the scenery was really nice.


Suchitoto’s Lake.
I remember there was a terrace where we could sit and look out to this. I remember wanting to sit there for a while, feeling the warm breeze and just take it all of these.

I think I secretly desire to experience living in a place with mountains, beaches or lakes as the backdrop, with a  market / supermarket and a gym closeby, for a short period of time.
Daily, I would have my tea on the patio, feel the warm breeze, take in the scenery, gym or hike to kick start the day, do more scenery watching, play some board games, make healthy food, watch the sun set, gaze at the stars and end off the night by “tanning” under the moon. Laugh. How grand that would be. Maybe I shall.


This reminded me of Tibet. Don’t ask me why.562143_10150754927137470_999309760_n562450_10150754916622470_781082898_n

They had more green walls in this town, which I loved. A lovely addition to the usual yellow tones.




Spent another day at El Diablo, or what the locals call it – the Devil’s door.
It used to be a place where they executed people during the civil war.hence the name :devils gate.
Took a local bus out here as well and boy was it beautiful!
Was really windy and sitting up here, looking down below at the little town was just breath taking.


337968_10150507871077470_1284490923_oI remember thinking this country had so much beauty.
Such a vast land, so much to offer.

Bid this beautiful country and the lovely homestay good bye 😦 and forged forward with trusty TICA bus to the next stop – Nicaragua, also my favorite one in Central America 🙂


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