Loysel Toy’s

What do you do when your dad refuses your money when you want to pay him back what you owe? Pay it back in Kind. ( Yes I hear my brother words “What, you’re silly. He doesn’t want it, then it’s his loss”) So each week, a treat for the old folks ( AKA my favorite people in the 50-60s category) at a new cafe and I think I might just continue on even after I’ve repaid in full just because I love hanging out with them 🙂

To start the ball rolling, after finding out B Bakery was not offering their famed cakes until after the New Year, I had to think fast as my dad rotated his wheels. What’s close enough in Bugis/Lavender and has good quality coffee reviews by foodies – Loysels Toy.

Located in a quiet area beside the Kallang river, you would hardly think its a place where people would travel to, but they do. I liked how spacious the place is, with cement flooring and wooden tables, very much like a cafe in Melbourne. Standing in front of their glass display which offered an array of sweet treats, I placed my coffee orders along with an almond croissant.


And they arrived shortly! As you can see, coffee was very well done. I’ve always said one of the marks of a good cup of coffee is in the foam. If there’s no air bubbles, the Barista has done a good job with the milk. And here, it was smooth, thick, creamy, no air bubbles and that artwork- you know you’re in good hands. I only had a sip from my mum’s flat white because they did not offer decaffeinated (Yes, you coffee purists wrinkle your nose in disgust at the mention of decaf but sympathize and understand that people like I am, LOVE & crave the coffee taste but would also like to sleep like a baby at night, or actually fall asleep without having to use a hammer to the head )  but my dad commented that it was “Very Smooth, unlike Dome’s coffee which “broke” when he drank it” And coffee aficionados, you know how important smoothness and togetherness of coffee is.

I wished they offered decaf so I can compare it with Strangers Reunion, which still holds the best coffee ever title on my list and in my opinion, quite impossible to beat. I may be biased due to the fact of 8 months of traveling in Central/South America and to finally have that milk-brewed-decaf coffee again (let’s forget about US’s decaf coffee from the pot) after so long was akin to being sent to heaven temporarily, memory to last forever. That said, Colombia had pretty awesome coffee which kept me up for days and left me shaking with blood shot eyes.

The almond croissant, if I may be honest, was not the best I’ve had. After sinking my teeth into French Quarter’s amazing soft-crispy-custardy-all-mixed-in-one-awesomeness croissant a few years back, I knew from then on, I would be one very fussy almond croissant eater. This was/smelt a little “fried”, without much custard and lacked the softness of the inner pastry along with the crispiness of just the top layer, which the renditions at French Quarter/ Melbourne’s almond croissant would usually come with. Maybe I’m just used to those almond croissants and as I do not know how real, original almond croissant should taste like, this is all very subjective to personal taste once again.

On a brighter note, mum and dad commented they liked the biscuit that came with the coffee, which was buttery and rightly sweet to go along nicely with your java shot. Not to mention service was attentive and friendly, orders came accurately and fast, and when they saw we were sharing the croissant, a staff came back with 2 more sets of cutlery. Initiative, much and as cliche as it sounds, it does bring the customers’ experience up another level.

Would I return again? For the coffee, yes, that is If they start offering decaf but I believe the coffee’s amazing seeing how others rave about it as well as an obtainment of my coffee lover dad’s approval. But for now, Strangers’ reunion still stands at #1.


Happy Boy at Loysel’s Toy.


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