Taiwan – A loop in three weeks.


The time frame : 3 weeks in Taiwan !
The journey : Taipei – Yilan – Hualien / Taroke Gorge – Taitung – Kaoshiong – Alishan – Sun Moon Lake – Taipei
The plan : Travel at my own pace, fun on my own terms. Think and reflect, smile a lot and feel every moment with my whole being.

2017 – A time to re-calibrate, A year where I decided to take a gamble and made a conscious decision on a new journey, one where I wonder about it’s rightness sometimes . But as the saying go, 10 years from now  I can say it is a life I’ve chosen, not one I’ve settled for.  Even if it doesn’t work out and I hate it later on, I could still live with it knowing at least I’ve tried. Life isn’t about finding the shortest path to your final destination.  It’s the journey isn’t it, just a longer path of discoveries and adventures.


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3 weeks in San Fransisco / Berkeley


I realized I have not done a throwback post on my 2011 US trip, so here we go!

All I knew about this land previously had been through movies growing up and I have always wanted to visit since then.
I recall as the plane was descending into San Francisco, I could not quite believe I was actually going to be there in a few minutes. It all felt quite unreal.

All in all, I had a really great time spending 3 weeks in SF/Berkeley and then a road trip around the west coast, hitting up some of the best national parks I’ve ever been to. I hope to be back soon some day, and I am pretty sure there will be many ” I can’t believe I am here” moments then as well.

Enjoy – photo overload ahead!

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Cairns in 5 Days

Cairns have been on my ‘To Go’ list since 2014 and with some good resolution this year to tick things off my list, I booked myself a flight in January and before I knew it, March came and I found myself on a plane towards the tropics. I can already feel this year is flying by and I really need to, as I like to put it, grab life by its horn, the horns you want, and ride it high, ride it wild.

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Dear me, you are 28.
Strangely, you feel quite at ease saying this number now.
26, 27 were hard. You had to spit it out each time you were asked your age.
28 on the other hand feels alright, you now say a week after your birthday.

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6 days in New Zealand : South Island


Really happy I got to visit the South Island of New Zealand earlier this April.
It’s one of things on my 2016 “To do” list and I’m glad to be able to say  “I did it”.

I had heard many good things about this land and was a bit worried I had expectations set way too high. You know how it is with high expectations….
Thankfully, the beauty of the land did not disappoint.

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Byron Bay

With Easter and Labor Day falling over the weekends which meant we had Monday and Tuesday off, I knew I had to do something with these 4 precious days (which didn’t eat into my Annual leave, score!)

I had wanted to revisit Brisbane to soak up some sun, hang out with my relatives, and check out the outdoor activities this city has to offer. Just a short two hours flight away, reasonable air fares, accommodation settled – Off I went!

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Mexico : Part 3 – Preparations

After a comfortable month long of travelling around Mexico, the trip down Central and South America was about to began.

This post is mainly to remember the preparations I did and the last few days in Leon before I set off, to get on this round trip with a  shoe string budget and hopefully see all the amazing sights.

“A timid soul shuns the unknown,sheer panic makes it cling , to limits that the senses set, but fearful hearts can’t sing.
No other way could we have come, each pain was meant to be; to forge the Heart, expand our mind, to set our Spirit free”

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I like how facebook reminds me of what I wrote years ago on this day.

“oh moon & stars, first lights & fire sunsets
come find me & we will stand in silence
hello world!”
March 14, 2011

I was about to backpack around South East Asia.
I like how I still am able to walk through the streets of some parts of Old Hanoi in the early morning with cool breeze when I close my eyes now

Mexico, Part 2

Spent 2011’s Boxing day with awesome amigos in Saint Luis Potosi and its quaint little ghost town ; History lesson and soaked up the old Spanish town feel in historical Guanajuanto ; Arts stuffed in Guadalajara ; New Years in Puerto Vallarta; Felt like i was in france in mexico city DF, with D.F was freezing cold unlike the other cities.

Not the best quality, all taken with my old school mobile. But good enough  to prevent foggy fuzzy future memories  🙂

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