Byron Bay

With Easter and Labor Day falling over the weekends which meant we had Monday and Tuesday off, I knew I had to do something with these 4 precious days (which didn’t eat into my Annual leave, score!)

I had wanted to revisit Brisbane to soak up some sun, hang out with my relatives, and check out the outdoor activities this city has to offer. Just a short two hours flight away, reasonable air fares, accommodation settled – Off I went!

I have to say Queenslander are a bunch of laidback peeps!
The moment I landed and stepped of the airplane, the ground staff were beaming from ear to ear.  People simply smiled and greeted each other on the streets. Maybe I was just lucky to run into the friendlier people of the sunshine state, but it made a lot of difference 🙂

I spent day one wandering around in the city, botanic gardens and racked up decent steps on my fitbit.


Day two, I met up with Anya and Eric who moved to Queensland about a year ago. It was lovely to see familiar faces! I had wanted to check Bryon Bay out and Anya/Eric were happy to join.

You could self drive or take the Byron bay express bus for about $76AUD round trip.

Bryon Bay is about an hour and a half drive away from Brisbane city. This beachside town borders on Queensland and New South Wales. Technically, it is the north-est town of NSW.


We stopped by The Farm for breakfast before hitting up the hippie town.
The Farm is situated at the entrance of Bryon Bay , with the main eatery set amidst a field of sunflower, white fences and soothing green grass.

It houses a bakery, a little shop as well as a restaurant, offering plenty of options for diners.


The croissants and sourdough bread were delicious!the-farm-611x346

There was a half hour wait list for the restaurant when we got there. If you did not want to wait, you could simply grab a few items at the bakery, coffee, have a seat inside the bakery area or be on your way.


Laid back Bakery Areathumb_IMG_6618_1024-940x705And a little shop where you can buy the produce they carry – picture taken off the net. I am getting lazy snapping pictures now, just wanted to enjoy the moment.

When we were about to leave as we did not want to wait, Anya’s name was called!
I ordered a broccoli and cauliflower rice dish which was served warm.  Healthy and delicious! I wonder if it was actually served cold, it might have tasted even better, whole new level.
Nevertheless, warm weather, my preferred uniform of shorts and flipflops, friends, food, scenery, what’s not to like 🙂

Bryon Bay Light House

One of the attractions there was the lighthouse. The parking area up the hill near the lighthouse was full, so we went back down and hiked up instead.

If you did manage to score a parking spot, it comes at $8.00 as well.

Quite pricey considering you would only be up there for about one hour.


Our hike up with other people. Some others were also cycling up.
It was not a hard hike at all and took about 20 minutes.
With great company and a beautiful view like this, the 20 minutes felt like it was only 10 minutes.
On our way down, we actually saw a school of dolphins surfing the waves!


Lighthouse in the distance!


Loveliest couple for company 🙂



Up at the lighthouse, there is a cafe selling snacks, coffee and icecream. We sat here for a while to take the view in.

It was really beautiful and I was quite surprised to find this here.
Mountains and beach together, I could look at this everyday.
I really felt like I was on a holiday! (Technically I was)



Definitely a must visit if you are in the area.
You could even book accommodation here but most of them required at least 3 nights’ stay with them.

We left Bryon Bay in the late afternoon, hitting up Gold Coast for dinner before heading back home. Mountains, Sun, shorts, flipflops, blue skies, smiles and warmth -Hello, right up my all alley.

Now I just need another holiday.

Much love friends.


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