Mexico : Part 3 – Preparations

After a comfortable month long of travelling around Mexico, the trip down Central and South America was about to began.

This post is mainly to remember the preparations I did and the last few days in Leon before I set off, to get on this round trip with a  shoe string budget and hopefully see all the amazing sights.

“A timid soul shuns the unknown,sheer panic makes it cling , to limits that the senses set, but fearful hearts can’t sing.
No other way could we have come, each pain was meant to be; to forge the Heart, expand our mind, to set our Spirit free”



Suki and Joke keeping me company almost every morning snuggling up in bed and sharing some warmth in the cold, lovely alternative to the alarm clock. If the door was closed, you could hear them scratching outside.

I recall feeling blue one day, really missing home.

I think it was Joke who trotted up and just sat beside me throughout it, and after that he seemed to follow me everywhere too, maybe he could tell I was feeling blue and wanted to provide company. But it was just lovely .

I wonder how Suki and Joke are doing now – hope you two are doing well!


Gallerta de limon. Was Delicious!

Luly made this and I’ve tried recreating since, but tastes nothing like what she made.


My friend and his family went to DF for a week so I had this week alone and to continue my research

Made my own lonely planet 🙂


Almost ready to go!

Research got harder as I got down south to countries like Peru and Bolivia, so many adventures, volunteer opportunities that I wanted to do.

After reading some travel blogs, emailing and taking tips off a few travelers who have backpacked through Latin America (And they all replied so quickly too with much helpful links and info – really grateful for that), it seemed like almost everyone had a story from being robbed to crazy ones like kidnapping stories or having a machete pointed in their face.
I recall feeling a bit worried with all the brilliant kidnapping knife point stories and with my limited Spanish, my heart and stomach did a little flip, but then, fearful hearts can’t sing. I had to go and see it all for myself.

Guess the only thing was to say a bucket load of prayers



I had to store my cash somewhere, so decided on the few options above.

I went with the pads and waist pouch in the end 🙂

Glad to say I was not robbed, mugged, kidnapped and made it back in one piece.

409510_10150481950477470_1829128026_nBought my tickets down to Oaxaca, first stop on the great adventure



So the grand plan – some of them marked out

Flights between countries were really expensive, even for a half an hour one was 450USD! Last I checked, a 13 hours flight from LAX to Taipei would set you back by only 580 USD.

Bussed all the way (I estimate at least 3 months of being in a bus if i put the bus hours collectively!), except between Panama and Colombia, one exciting journey looking back 🙂


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