Begin Again



每个决定都会有几样事情得放弃, 得放下。但决定的理由够吗?




人生一个,不想有所的可能, 也不想有所的后悔,轰轰烈烈痛快的往前走吧。


Every decision comes with some things that you have to let go or give up.

But are the reasons for going through with the decision valid enough?

Are the things that you will have to give up in exchange, worth giving up?

The mountains and water have no answer when you travel and come across them, only for you to tightly embrace the beauty and peace of the moment

To take it all in like a camera, to savor the moment and will your senses to remember them all.

Travel, to remind your future self, that like those beautiful moments, every path you have chosen

Can be beautiful, Can possess some sort of goodness too.

So really, embrace the future’s moments of beauty and goodness.

Don’t let them pass by living in the past or thinking crazily about what ifs.

If it’s the path you have chosen, walk it bravely, walk it to enjoy it.

One life, Live it.




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