Russian Doll


Just keep walking, cos the world ain’t stopping just because you feel like you want to.

We agreed it sounds cruel, but hey, that’s just how this goes.

No more ” I feel…” in 2014.

If you feel unhappy, go find something and do it & be happy.

If you feel lonely, go out with your friends instead of being lazy.

If you feel the day is just terrible, honestly, just go sleep it away. Tomorrow will be better.

So here’s to an awesome 2014 dolls 🙂

That aside, I am looking forward to more awesome movies, & our agreed girls night out. It shall be crazy.

Like back in those days walking home in the cold after moving & shaking, then debating everything and anything over pancakes & waffles in our communal kitchen. Then strumming your guitar, laughing hysterically stoned, and then deciding to do early morning coffee runs before crashing in till the night sun shines upon our faces.

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