Beautiful Energy

I feel like I have a solution for the thing that I’ve been feeling.

I need to get some crazy company who lives to create. Their art, their music, anything, everything.

I want to interview them and yearn bad to romp through their mind.

Be the dumbest among them, and breathe in every inconceivable idea they have.

Creative friends, where art thou. I miss my random talks with Linh, we jump from crazy food trends, to movies, to politics and then our take on the world. Yet manage to jump back and forth, adding sprinkles of the softness of our lives and insecurities. Dumb gossipy news to intellectually stimulating each other.

Oh lord, I would like someone like this here. And I feel quite ready to move back down under.

Pardon me, besides being alone, or being with my SIC, this is how I get energized.

Random spontaneity, MISS


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