Click, and there I stand.


This week’s A Word a Week photo challenge is Zoom. Other than taking the word literally at its meaning, which is to present a close up of something, I guess zoom could also be thought in a bigger perspective – to be led into the never-ending-ness ( or simply, the end that your eyes can’t see from where you stand , and yes, lay-man-term-ly, into the horizon.) Taken in Bolivia ( My top spot for best photos taken without any or real minimal editing ) and the world’s largest salt plain, Uyuni de Salar, I stood there on the reflection of my roof just staring into one long stretch of a mirror that has no end. These days, I yearn to be back out there again, waking up in the jungle, washing up in the streams, being greeted by mountains shrouded in clouds with the sunlight breaking through to warm the earth up. I’m not sure if people do this, but I think of my eyes akin to the camera lens. I “click” slowly when I see something I want to remember, which I can pull out hopefully with little fogginess, in the future. So somedays, when it gets too hard, click, and when I close my eyes, I am at the Grand Canyon. Click, Im in China’s gorge pushing my room doors open into the most vibrant array of morning colors. Click, I’m in Hanoi’s cool allies at Dawn. Click, I’m on top at Christ Reedemer Rio. Click, I’m taking in the majestic Andes Mountains. Click, Click, Click at all of God’s crazy beautiful art and creation. And I guess this is good enough for now.


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