A word a week photo challenge – Island

This week’s photo challenge would be Island. And I guess what first pops into everyone’s mind more often than not would be a deserted stretch of sandy beach, basically, one’s ‘lost’ paradise.

Likewise for me, when I think of Island, I think magic. And when I think Magic + Island, Isla de Ometepe (Island of Ometepe) in Nicaragua is pulled from my memory bank. And that is exactly what the locals on this island lovingly nickname their land, ” The Magical Island “. Truly, after you take a ferry for an hour and a half across the sea from Nicaragua’s Capital, Granada, you arrive on this Island with two huge volcanoes as its background setting and stand separated from the world. It is an island where everyone rides a bicycle, where the crow is your alarm clock, where fresh air greets you and the sea breeze grazes your face as if to kiss you awake and serenades you with a new song at different times of the day. Where there is no time, where there is no rush, where there is no want as you laze by the lagoons, hike up hills, pet new born pigs and sip on the freshest coconut water. Alas, I do not have fantastic pictures for the two Islands I have in mind as I only had a camera phone with me at that time,but the essence of Magic is very much prevalent, physically in these places.

Second Place that comes to my Mind, Bocas Del Toro in Panama.

B0CAS, where you see a plethora of star fishes as you wade through the clear blue water.
where everyone surfs. where life slows down. where everyone finds a slice of their own lost paradise.

As there are many minds, so there are as many worlds.


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