Word a week photo challenge : Smile

A word a week photo challenge : Smile

This photo was taken in a “Tourist” tribal village in Northern Chiangmai. We were intrigued when this lady spoke Mandarin to us, and we began asking more about her life and origins which she happily shared, genuinely wanting us to know more about the tribes, despite knowing that we probably would not be buying the ubiquitous tourist souvenirs.

She is a striking lady. With radiant, smooth skin despite her age and a beckoning gentle smile. One that’s ethereal, elegant and peacefully calm. Like many grand-mamas who have been there, done that, survived it and know through and through who they are deep within and the inner strength they possess, she did not have to pretend to be some tourist stereotypes. She knows her roots, she is proud of it, simply, she is just comfortable in her skin.

[ To see other awesome pictures for the challenge, link here ]



One thought on “Word a week photo challenge : Smile

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    After an exhausting, tense late nights watching the Melbourne Cup and some amazing tennis I thought I would sleep in – ha ha not according to my next door neighbour who decided some DIY at 7.00am on Australia Day was the way to our hearts. But the smiles keep on coming and thank you to Leavootravels for my first one today in response to the A WORD A WEEK PHOTO CHALLENGE – SMILE – happy Australia day

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