Film Munchies

Give me some good movies, or a few good books and you won’t see me for a week, except during meal times of course. I am Singaporean, eating is practically a sport if I may say. Anyhow, with the theme this year of ” Just Write- Anything and Everything” , here’s a few thoughts about some movies.

1) American Reunion

I did not know I was watching an installment to the American Pie series, neither did I know that in some countries, it is called American Pie Reunion. But if you want something light, something that would give a few lighthearted laughs, then go ahead and watch this. It’s not that bad or that trashy compared to the other American Pie installments to be honest, and it freed my brain from thinking for that hour and a few minutes.

2) Now, on to the Meatier movies and a delightful, somewhat dark rising actor, Ezra Miller. He first caught my attention in We Need to Talk About Kevin ( No synopsis here, a psychological thriller-Watch it to feel it). Intense raw power, depth, especially exuding from his eyes, and non verbal moments, facial expressions, nuances so aptly displayed by him.

His acting borders on brilliance, yet somewhat scary. Actors need to relate deeply to the character to bring it out full fledged, and here, Ezra is so good I secretly wonder if he is in his own element, just acting out what he’s felt or been through.

Stare that cuts right through you

He is a natural in these roles, and although he has penchant for characters with complex behaviors, also seen in City Island,  Another Happy day and Perks of a wallflower ( much lighter movies compared to We need to talk about Kevin, but equally enjoyable ), they aren’t all necessary dark and disturbing, and quite a nice diversity in fact.

Take City Island where he has a fetish for bigger ladies and drops shy smiles every once in a while like growing teenagers in crush mode, or Another Happy day where he plays a recovering drug abuser who’s not afraid of probing the truth or to say it as it is. Or the quirky character in Perks of a wallflower where he makes awkwardness “cool” by standing up for himself and knowing who he is.

He’s not all serious all the time, look he’s smiling here. Bigger ladies fetish in his role for City Island
Another Happy Day
“Fail me and you get me next semester” And Awesome in Perk of a wall flower.

I think all in all, Ezra’s just not afraid to be the underdog, or go with the mainstream which I assume he finds it boring and knows it is not him, at least not at this moment. And I appreciate the fact that he chooses roles that require more than a pretty face ( and he has quite a pretty one, with a joker smile and eyes with a hint of Asian slant ) and doesn’t play or get typecast into pretty boys role like Justin Bieber or Zac Efron would.

So if I were to make a bet, it would be on this winning “horse”, because if acting is his channel to let out his inner world  and put his life experiences to propel him further, this black beauty will soon overtake all the rest of the Hollywood 4 legged blondes.


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