I gave my children bad gifts on Jimmy Kimmel

Came across this video when I wanted some laughs, but it turned out I was quite disheartened to see how spoilt children are these days. Pass the “brocolli” or “sandwich” to any children who make a living on the streets and watch them smile, not cry, kick, or throw the gifts back at their parents with much temper. I have to say the girl who ate her gift of banana was quite funny, she knows how to make lemonades out of her lemons instead of throwing them back at the giver.

Anyhoos, I guess we always expect people closest to us to know what we like or dislike and when they give, we hold them to higher expectations and get so disappointed, sometimes to the point of exasperation, shock and disgust.

And down to the final point, I got a sudden revelation after watching this, and boy, am I glad my daddy God above knows what we like and knows the best for us, and He would only give us good gifts. When we ask for bread, He wouldn’t give us a snake or stone. How comforting is that:)

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