Fabulous Baker Boy

Fabulous, Baker, Boy. These three words, what is there not to like? After hearing and reading about raves on their cakes, especially the apple cider cake with salted caramel frosting, I decided to take the plunge and live up to one of my 2013 resolution, get out and chow. And besides, I wanted to find another contender to shake Cedele’s current position as the place to get Singapore’s best Carrot Cake. (No, not your local “chai taw kway” or local hawker carrot cake, I am not turning my nose up on this local fare, it is delish too by the way, but I am referring to my beloved American Carrot Cake, the one with an abundance of cream cheese, carrots and nuts goodness )

A call to a friend and it was settled. Fabulous Baker Boy it was.

Lovely laid back cafe nestled at The Foothills, the journey looked promising. Alas, the apple cider cake that I wanted was sold out, a fork into my “Try something with salted caramel” plan. But they had a carrot cake that C wanted to try, so we went with that.

Studded with carrot bits and cranberries, this piece of dessert was moist! And I appreciated the fact that they used quality ingredients such as cranberries, even though they could do with more nuts/walnuts to get that crunch. Shredded coconut on the cream cheese frosting was another deviation from the American Carrot Cake that comes with the usual Walnuts, definitely something different but being a Carrot Cake purist, my carrot cakes have to come smothered with cream cheese and walnuts. Lots of cream cheese and walnuts, like Cedele’s. Good effort, FFB ( A random observation, if you read the alphabets backwards, it reads BFF ) , I did like the moistness and the freshness your cake body came with. Maybe if it had more walnuts liberally sprinkled over the cream cheese and embedded in the orange goodness, we will be BFF. Best Friends Forever.



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