Why the title.

So Why 100% Jesus, 0% me?

Because: God doesn’t love me less just because I lost it and screamed at someone, or lie, or was selfish, forgot to read the bible, too lazy to go to church. And God doesn’t love me more just because I decided to read the bible, or go to church, or do something good. There is nothing I can do, to make God love me less or more.

Why? : All but because Jesus died for me on the cross, God now see me = me + (no sin, no wrong)(Jesus’s perfect character, perfection)

I believe God has unfailing kindness to me and cannot wait to bless me from his unlimited, free supply of good things.It’s precious that I have realized that there’s nothing that I can do to make him love me more or less. All because God see me as he sees Jesus, white, perfect, pure. Hence: 100% Jesus, 0% me.

Sometimes when people ask me , ” How do you deal with this? / Are you not afraid? ” “What’s your solution normally” and I find myself at a lost as to how to come up with a good answer but an honest ” Actually, I dont know how, hmmm Just trust God ” then struggling to think harder before a final shrug and laugh ” Yea, only way I know how” Sometimes, situations seem impossible, God’s ways i’ve given up trying to understand, more often they sound/look absolutely ridiculous at that moment but when you look back, you connect the dots. God has never failed me, like He promised, ” I will never leave nor forsake you”

So yea, why 100% Jesus, because yes it sounds silly to many, or even taking the easy way out as I’ve been told before, but truly, its the only way I know how.

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